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Whip Up Top Notch Drinks at Home with Our Mocktail Kit that includes our Canned Coffee

Cape Coast Co.

Cape Coast Mule | Mocktail Kit

Our Mocktail Kit Includes: a can of Catalyst, Fever Tree Ginger Beer, lime and simple syrup. This alcohol-free twist on the Moscow Mule is designed for the modern palate. Elevate your mocktail game with this caffeine-infused delight, perfect for any occasion.

Feeling adventurous? Add a splash of vodka for an extra kick. Order now and experience refreshment redefined.

Origin: Ghana
Region: Volta
Species: Robusta
Process: Natural
Altitude: 303-830 masl
Certification: FDA

The secret to our coffee’s perfection lies in the rapid flash-chilling of freshly brewed coffee, preserving its vibrant aroma and taste without dilution. This meticulous process takes mere seconds, ensuring an unparalleled coffee experience.

Chocolate, Hazelnut Aroma: Nutty, Spicy, Cocoa

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